Diabetic Foot Care

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Diabetic Foot Care

Tens of millions of people across the U.S have diabetes, a disease that can cause many complications that affect everything from eyesight and hearing to the cardiovascular system and mental health. One of the potential long-term complications that can often be avoided with good care and frequent checkups, is foot damage.

Diabetics are typically at high risk for foot problems.  Diabetics will frequently suffer poor circulation, nerve problems, and foot deformities due to muscle weakness.  Accordingly, we offer a comprehensive evaluation and maintenance program.   Depending on your particular status, the diabetic patient will be seen every 2 months, 6 months or yearly.

If you have diabetes, then foot care is extremely important. You can contact Global Podiatry today by phone or by submitting a question through our website, to discuss ongoing diabetic foot care at our clinics in Chicago or Wheeling, IL.

How Does Diabetes Affect Foot Health?

Diabetes is a very dangerous disease, especially in relation to how it can affect the health of your feet. There are two very serious foot problems that can affect people with diabetes: peripheral vascular disease and diabetic neuropathy. Peripheral vascular disease is a serious disorder that affects blood circulation. People with the disease have restricted blood flow to their limbs caused by narrow, blocked or spasming veins/arteries. Diabetic neuropathy is a form of nerve damage caused by high blood sugar. The nerve damage can reduce sensation in the feet, making it hard to notice irritation and injuries.

Suffering from nerve damage can increase the risk of injuries, while poor circulation can greatly affect healing. The combination of the two problems can result in injuries going untreated and becoming very serious. Complications of peripheral vascular disease and diabetic neuropathy can include infections, deformities, ulcers, and gangrene.
While both foot problems are common, patients can often avoid or manage them when they attend regular evaluations with a podiatrist and take proper care of their feet.

When Is It Important to Visit a Podiatrist in Chicago for Diabetic Foot Care?

More than half of foot amputations in the U.S are due to diabetes, so it couldn’t be more important to seek expert medical attention if you suspect that there’s a problem with your feet. Some of the signs that you may need to visit a podiatrist immediately, include:

  • Blisters or sores that heal very slowly or are persistent
  • Color changes, where the skin becomes darker
  • Swelling around an injury, blister, or ulcer
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Cracked and dry heels
  • Temperature changes, tingling, or pain
  • Infections

Get in touch with Global Podiatry straight away if you’re experiencing any of the listed problems, or if you have any other concerns about the health of your feet.

What Treatment and Services are Available for Diabetic Foot Care?

The evaluation and maintenance program that we provide at Global Podiatry can be extremely beneficial for diabetic patients. We’ll keep a close eye on the health of your feet, monitor changes, and make sure that you receive the best care to keep your feet healthy. Only by examining your feet closely can we give you tailored advice and the most effective treatment to avoid problems and ensure your continued comfort. During the exam, we’ll assess your circulation, check for sensitivity, and examine the skin and soft tissues of each foot. You’ll get advice on how to care for your feet, and if we discover any problems, we may also suggest:

Chicago Diabetic Shoes

We offer a diabetic shoe program which is covered by most every insurance company, including Medicare. We also offer a variety of diabetic socks. Our diabetic shoes are also known as orthopedic shoes, and they are not just for diabetics! Diabetic shoes can help improve circulation, give you more control over motion, and protect your feet from injury and irritation.

Surgical Treatment

While it’s possible to treat some foot problems with conservative treatments like dressings, medications and casts, surgery can sometimes be the best or only option. Some of the common surgical treatments for diabetic foot problems, include:

  • Arterial bypass surgery to improve blood flow
  • Charcot’s Foot stabilization
  • Tissue removal
  • Endovascular surgery and stent insertion to help blood vessels stay open
  • Amputation

If you would like to know more about our foot treatments or get advice about managing your foot problems with our diabetic foot care services in Chicago, give Global Podiatry a call or visit us at our clinics in Chicago & Wheeling, IL.

Diabetic Foot Care Advice

Visiting a podiatrist in Chicago on a regular basis is one of the best ways to care for your feet when you have diabetes. As well as ensuring that your feet are checked frequently, if you have diabetes, we recommend:

  • Daily inspection of the bottom of your feet
  • Daily moisturizers
  • Socks with no seams
  • Shoes with no inner stitching
  • Specialized insoles to protect the bottom of your feet
  • Always wearing socks, slippers, or shoes
  • Giving up smoking
  • Carefully trimming your nails
  • Washing your feet every day in lukewarm water
  • Monitoring the temperature of your feet
  • Additional recommendations may be made during your visit!

Visit Global Podiatry for Diabetic Foot Care in Chicago

Foot care is important for everyone, but when you have diabetes, the risks associated with improper care are much greater. Thankfully, with the right care routine and professional advice and support when you need it, having diabetes doesn’t have to mean having unhealthy feet. For more information about diabetic foot care in Chicago, get in touch with the expert podiatrists at Global Podiatry. We’ll be more than happy to advise you on the correct care routine and set up a regular checkup schedule that’s tailored to your unique needs.