For the Safety of our Seniors & High Risk Patients

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For the Safety of our Seniors & High Risk Patients

Seniors & High Risk Patient Safety

Our team at Global Podiatry are specialists in the field of podiatric care. We’re here to support you through your recovery with expert diagnosis, advanced treatment options, and professional, friendly support. We always want to provide our patients with expert knowledge that will support your overall health. As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the United States we have put together tips to protect the safety of our seniors & high risk patients.

Seniors & High Risk Patient Safety


The coronavirus, similar to the flu, travels in droplets. It is not airborne. However, unlike the flu, it may stay dormant in you for 2 weeks before you show symptoms. In that time, you may infect someone else without knowing it. Most susceptible are seniors and patients with chronic illnesses, particularly respiratory illnesses. Children are less likely to become sick!

> If you do not have an appointment, please do not enter the office.  Call 847-392-8080 for an appointment first.

In order to PROTECT yourself FROM BECOMING A CARRIER of the virus:

Stay at least 3 feet and ideally 6 feet away from others. We have rearranged our waiting room and scheduling procedures in order to make this possible.

  • Do not touch your face, nose, mouth unless you have washed your hands prior.
  • Washing hands with soap and water is better than hand sanitizer.
  • Take care to wipe down frequently touched surfaces.

For the Safety of our Seniors & High Risk Patients


  • You or someone you live with travelled in the last 2 weeks
  • You have been in close proximity (less than 6 feet) of someone with cough for greater than 10 minutes within the last two weeks?
  • You have had a fever of 100.4F or greater in the last two weeks?
  • You have had a persistent cough ?

PLEASE NOTE: Patient treatment rooms, where an individual’s suspicion is high for viral infection, will be quarantined for 30 minutes after the visit, then disinfected per protocol:

Use OSHA approved antimicrobial applied to all horizontal surfaces, allow to dry prior to use of treatment room again.

  • Only one patient is allowed in the treatment room at a time. A child may be accompanied by an adult. Others are to wait in the waiting room. If it is crowded, please wait in the hall or outside the building in order to maintain a safe distance from one another.