Chicago Custom Fit Orthotics for Optimal Diabetic Foot Care

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Chicago Custom Fit Orthotics for Optimal Diabetic Foot Care

Custom Fit Orthotics for Optimal Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes is a common issue, and it is estimated that over 30 million Americans suffer from it. Though it affects seniors more than younger generations, diabetes can affect anyone at any point in their life. If you are one of the millions across the globe who suffer from diabetes, your feet are unfortunately at risk.

Those with diabetes are more likely to develop foot problems that are severe and put their lives on hold. Severe deformities, painful ulcers, and open wounds that seem to never heel are just a few diabetic foot problems. More than 73,000 people each year in the United States have lower-limb amputations due to diabetes. This is caused by improper diabetic foot care. But, these problems are all preventable with the right care and the right diabetic foot care doctors. Keep reading how to take off your feet and how they will thank you!

What are Custom Fit Orthotics?

What are Custom Fit Orthotics?

The first thing to know about custom orthotics is that an orthotic is a type of shoe insert that helps stabilize any abnormal movement of the foot. Orthotics are not all the same, some of them are of different materials and quality, but not all of them are created the same.

When you experience pain in the feet, you likely need to add more cushion to the inside of your shoe for your feet. Many people who shop for orthotics on their own make the mistake of choosing the one with the softest sole. Though more cushion feels great, you need custom orthotics that provide stability and support for your feet and body. Knowing which orthotic you need is essential for your feet’ health and for your pocket.

How do Chicago Custom Fit Orthotics Work?

Custom orthotics are primarily designed to help reduce stress and strain in the feet and lower limbs every time you take a step. They realign your feet with your shoes while accommodating conditions such as diabetes. Alongside diabetes, using custom foot orthotics can be helpful in treating a number of foot, lower limb, and back problems. Some of these include:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Bunions
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Shin splints
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Iliotibial pain syndrome
  • Low back pain

Choose Custom Fit Orthotics for Diabetic Foot Pain, Swelling & Numbness

Choose Custom Fit Orthotics for Diabetic Foot Pain, Swelling & Numbness

Custom made orthotics work wonders for all levels of diabetes, and they are highly recommended by foot and ankle specialists across the globe. Those with diabetes need correct support in their feet to prevent complications that lead to severe damage in the feet and risk of possible loss of limbs.

Custom-fit orthotic insoles help prevent developments, which include:

  • Calluses, skin breakdown, and ulcerations.
  • Loss of blood circulation in the feet.
  • Possibility of needing an amputation

Custom diabetic orthotic insoles are prescribed by foot and ankle specialists, and they are created specifically for you and your feet. After a detailed medical examination of your feet, one of your Chicago diabetic foot care doctors at Global Podiatry will prescribe a custom orthotic insole that will boost the health of your feet.

Custom Orthotics Vs. Over-The-Counter

Orthotics can come in two ways; they either come customized by a podiatrist-designed perfectly for your foot and guaranteed to help with your diabetic foot pain or from over the counter. Now, though over-the-counter orthotics are cheaper than custom-made orthotics, you have to look past the price tag. Suppose you suffer from foot pain due to diabetes. In that case, you are actually putting your feet at risk of worsening your symptoms because the over-the-counter orthotics you chose are addressing different issues. Wrong and cheap orthotics can cause more problems instead of curing them.

Though over-the-counter orthotics can adequately help other people with different less severe foot conditions, those suffering from diabetes and diabetes-related foot problems need to stay away from them. That is why we strongly recommend coming into Global Podiatry today and get fitted for custom-made orthotics in Chicago & Wheeling, IL.

Chicago Diabetic Foot Care – Why Is It Important?

Chicago Diabetic Foot Care – Why Is It Important?

Diabetes causes a wide array of problems in the feet, and depending on how much you are out and about walking around, these problems can worsen quickly. Here are a couple of signs that you may need custom orthotics to fight back against foot pain caused by diabetes:

You Have Structural Issues in Your Feet

Alongside diabetes, the anatomy of your foot plays a huge role in the health of your feet and the need for orthotics. If you also suffer from high arches or flat feet, custom orthotics can give your feet the extra support they need so that other conditions do not become a problem when treating diabetic foot pain.

You Stand for Hours Every Day

Whether it is long daily walks or your job, if you are on your feet a lot throughout the day, it can be bad for the health of your feet. But you shouldn’t have to put off doing the things you love just because diabetes is causing you foot pain. Customized inserts will relieve stress from your feet and allow you to continue on with your daily activities pain-free.

You Are Experiencing Pain in Your Foot

Pain in the foot caused by diabetes can be excruciating, but custom orthotics work like a charm when it comes to relieving this pain. If you have diabetes and you are experiencing any foot pain, little or a lot, you need to see a podiatrist today to prevent the pain from worsening.

How Long do Custom Orthotics Typically Last?

How Long do Custom Orthotics Typically Last?

High-quality custom orthotics from Global Podiatry typically last between 2 to 3 years. These orthotics are designed to withstand everything that is thrown at it while walking, running, standing, and even climbing. The lifespan of your custom orthotics depends on the amount you are on your feet and the type of activity that you are doing. Activities like jogging cause wear and tear quicker than walking, but even then, orthotics are designed to last an extended period of time!

How to know when it’s time to replace your custom orthotics?

It is easy to determine whether or not it is time to replace your current orthotics:

  1. Simply examine your orthotics. If you see any deep cracks, tears, or thin soles, then it is a sign you need new orthotics.
  2. Any pain and discomfort while walking is another tell-tale sign that it’s time for new ones. Remember, custom orthotics are designed to lessen pain in the feet, not cause more!

When Should I Wear These Insoles

In general, if you are suffering from diabetes and have constant pain in the feet when walking and standing, then the insoles should be worn on a daily basis. Even a short period of time without them can cause significant deformity and loss of sensation in the foot. When being examined and fitted for customized orthotics, make sure to ask your podiatrist when you should be wearing them. Our goal at Global Podiatry is to keep you on your feet as active as possible!

Comfortable Custom Fit Orthotics

Simply put, no. Custom orthotics are designed to treat foot conditions, but all provide comfortability and support for your feet. Your insoles will be customarily designed to match your feet, and once they are in the shoe, you won’t even know that they are there.

Chicago Diabetic Foot Care – Why it Matters, to Put Your Feet in Our Hands!

Contact Global Podiatry for Diabetic Foot Care Custom Fit Orthotics in Chicago 

Diabetes and foot-related pain/injuries can put a damper on your life forever. When the condition worsens, you risk losing your toes and even your feet. Something as simple as custom orthotics and regular check-ups with your podiatrist can make sure that these problems never arise. If you suffer from diabetes, come in to see us, and we will examine your feet and take the best course of action to keep your feet healthy and happy.