Hammer Toes


“Long” toes  / “Crooked” toes / “Corns”


Corns that form on the top of toes are usually due to a deformity called a hammer toe.  Toes can actually be too long for your foot.  A shoe that feels comfortable is one that fits your arch well. 


Hammertoes - Crooked Toes - Hammertoe Surgery


However, if your arch is a size 7, but your foot is a size 8, it could be that your toes are disproportionately long for you foot.  This will cause cramping in the shoe and buckling.  When the toe buckles, the top of the toe will rub on the top of the shoe. This produces a corn.


Other times, a bunion will encroach on the space of other toes and cause them to elevate out of the way (the great toe is strongest).  This common problem results in the 2nd toe (directly adjacent to the great toe) becoming hammered.


A toe shortening, or hammer toe correction, is a same day procedure which will have you back in your shoes within days. For those still contemplating long-term correction, we offer a line of daily wear accommodative solutions.