Children's Foot Care

We treat sports injuries, flat feet, and pain associated with the subtalar joint.


Several thousand child visits per year!

We have diagnostic ultrasound and xray to accurately diagnose both bone and soft tissue conditions in the office!


Top 5 Problems We See on a Daily Basis


  1. Warts
  2. Flat feet
  3. In-toeing/Pigeon toeing
  4. Sprains/Fractures
  5. Athlete's foot


Sports Injuries


We have solutions for virtually all sports injuries such as soccer, dance, basketball, baseball, tennis, ice skating, and snow sports. One of our most successful treatments is our custom orthotics. Our doctors make a mold of your feet to create custom orthotics to be put in your sneakers, athletic cleats, skis, or any other shoes. An example of our custom orthotics can be found here.


Flat Feet


Does your child suffer from flat feet? Flat feet are a common condition where the feet do not have a normal arch when standing. They occur when the tissues holding the joints in the foot together are loose. In 20-30% of the general population, the arch simply never develops in one foot or both feet. The treatment can be as simple as having your child wear custom orthotics or special shoes, to relieve pain associated with flat feet!


We treat sports injuries and flat feet!


Don't wait too long bring your child to see us because the longer you wait, the harder it becomes to fix their flat feet. In a recent study, it was found that 40% of children under the age of 5 had flat feet. That's 2 out of 5 children!


Arthroereisis - Subtalar Joint


Arthroereisis is used to help treat flat feet in children. Arthroereisis was developed more than 30 years ago. It involves placing various shaped implants beneath the talus (often refered to as the "ankle bone") to limit excessive eversion (turning inside out) while preserving inversion. The implants are intended to block forward, downward and medial displacement of the talus, thus allowing normal subtalar joint motion but blocking excessive pronation.