The unsightly "knot" on the side of your foot is called a bunion. 


There are several theories as to why someone might get this often painful deformity.  Suffice to say it is both hereditary, and made worse by certain shoes. Note: a "knot" on top of this joint is also a form of bunion.  It is typically due to poor alignment of this joint, as well. However, deviation of the great toe is less pronounced. 


Bunion Surgery


Most podiatrists will agree, if it is a painful deformity a surgical procedure is frequently necessary.


Today, new techniques and improved materials allow for quick recovery.  Most patients are walking the same day of bunion surgery.

Chicago Bunion Surgery


Other Chicago Bunion Treatments


Yet, if you are still contemplating surgery, we offer several "night time" and daily-wear solutions for improving and/or reducing pain associated with the condition.  For example, custom orthotic solutions may be available, depending on how severe the problem is. However, these solutions will not help with bunion removal, only with temporary bunion pain management.


Our custom orthotics are available for men's dress shoes, women's heels, sneakers, ice skates, skis, and athletic cleats. An example of our custom orthotics can be found here.


Check out the this short video about how bunions form and how to treat bunions.


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